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Selenite Chakras Stick

Selenite Chakras Stick

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This listing is for one Selenite Chakras Stick 

Selenite is a powerful stone with a very fine vibration. It purifies and cleanses the aura, and protects one from negative influences. It assists spiritual insight and aids one in seeing the deeper picture. It can be used to form a protective grid around a house, creating a safe and quiet space that does not allow outside influences in. Selenite can also be placed in a work setting to ensure a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere.

Chakras: Third Eye, Crown

The healing of the Chakras through crystals is based on the belief that crystals have a natural healing frequency that can be activated to contribute to the movement or balance of energy around them, always in a positive way. In the case of crystals related to the Chakras, the vibratory signature of each crystal corresponds or resonates with specific Chakras.

Chakra stones: Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Green Aventurine, Tiger’s Eye, Yellow Jade, Red Jasper

Approximately 91mm x 14mm

Disclaimer: These are natural gemstones, expect variance in color/pattern and size. We do not accommodate requests for specific size or color/pattern crystals, all are chosen intuitively. Ethically Sourced. All crystal healing information provided is intended for spiritual guidance. It is not intended as a substitute for medical advice or service.

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